Follow Up Visit to IGP

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My second appointment was 8 weeks later, in mid March 2014.   I still had so many questions to ask IGP.  I was still suffering from anxiety, lightheadedness, feeling faint & weak during my period & my fingers numbing.

The feeling weak & faint during my period was something I got over in time.  I am not exactly sure what caused it but I was subclinically low in iron & maybe with the loss of blood during menstruation it made me feel weak.  During this time I could not stand acupuncture & actually started having very adverse reactions to it, so I had to stop seeing my acupuncturist. I would feel faint while having acupuncture even though I was lying down, so I thought it best all together to stop it.

In the second visit with IGP the main issue we worked was my anxiety.  Since I still had 0.5% progesterone cream left we upped the dose to 5ml in the morning & evening.  This way we could get rid of the cream & then we could start upping the dose.  I also got a script for progesterone capsules that I had to get compounded.  I would start the progesterone capsules on Day 2 of my cycle.  This was to help with the anxiety & to calm me down, as I would feeling very anxious during this phase .

I also had to follow a low GI diet, as my blood sugar was slightly over the normal level.  So I had to start cutting out foods that were high GI.

I had another visit in June 2014 as I was going overseas on a holiday & the biggest reason why I started seeing IGP was I wanted to get my anxiety under control as there was no way I was going to spend 24 hours in a plane having a massive freak out.  My anxiety did start to get less & less, but we played around with the progesterone dose for a very long time.  Trying to regulate your hormones is not an overnight job & if some of you reading this want a quick fix & solution, well there is none.  It takes a lot of perseverance, determination, patience & courage.  I trusted IGP more than any doctor I had seen because they knew what they were talking about & I could start seeing the results.

The results do not happen overnight, they take time.  I was not expecting to see any changes for at least 6 months & I can honestly say that I did not feel “great” till after 12 months.  So in those 12 months we did blood tests regularly to see what my hormones were doing & how they were responding to progesterone & then we would increase the dose again.  I got to a 6% progesterone cream but found that it was actually making me very irregular & in the last 4 months I have gone back to a 5% & my periods have become regular again.  I was also taking my progesterone capsules from Day 2 – 10 & then starting progesterone cream on Day 10 to onstart of period.  This again was decided for anxiety & also as I was spotting in between cycles.  Now I take the capsule Day 2 – 10 & start the cream on Day 14 to onstart of my period, but the point I am trying to make here is that it took over 18 months to get to this stage & feel “normal” again.

I am now at a stage where I see IGP every 3 months.  My anxiety is under control & I feel like I have overcome the anxiety monster that was all consuming me.  I have some other issues that we are working on which I will go into detail another time.  If you want results it takes time & you have to trust your caregiver.  I got to a stage where I had no results or solutions & I sort them out myself & I am so glad that I did not listen to anyone & followed my gut instinct.  It is not an overnight solution but once you hit perimenopause it becomes a long road to recovery.