What Relaxes You?


What relaxes you?  How do you zone out?  Maybe you don’t and you have not realised it yet.  The truth is the modern woman is juggling a lot of hats and trying to keep everyone happy that she forgets about herself in the process.

You have to ask yourself, do you take time out for yourself?  If not, why?  As a mother, wife & business woman I often forget to take time out for myself.  I am often so busy with my family, keeping them all happy, making sure my business is running efficiently as well as my household, that I often make the mistake of not relaxing myself.  It is very easy to do but in Perimenopause it becomes a necessity to start looking after ourselves.  It is our wake up call! Our body is saying to us “Hey I need some attention here!”.

We neglect ourselves for so long until often it becomes too late.  Then we are forced to re evaluate our situation because then our health starts to suffer.  Don’t wait till it is too late to look after yourself & RELAX.

Some simple relaxation techniques 10 minutes a day is all you need.  Just find a quiet spot & breathe deeply.  Clear your mind of all the clatter and just relax and breathe.  Visualisation is a powerful relaxation technique.  I do it often.  I visualise that I am in an open field in nature with flowers surrounding me.  I then walk to a nearby waterfall & immerse myself in the cool water feeling the sun’s rays on my skin.  Wow! Don’t you feel more relaxed!  I sure do.

Other relaxation techniques may include massage.  Going even once a month is better than nothing.  Find a great masseuse in your local area & just switch off for an hour.  Let someone’s healing hands take all the pressure and knots out.  It does wonders for my mentally & physically.

Yoga is another great technique & you can do this everyday at home.  Just a few poses will suffice to help you wind down & forget about the stresses of your day.  You may even wish to join a class & do this once a week and then practise your poses at home on a daily basis.  It is important during perimenopause to do some form of gentle exercise & keep stretching.

Another method and this is my favourite is to have a bath.  Put some essential oils in the water and just have a nice relaxing soak. Water is great for soothing & healing.  You don’t have to go far, just in the comfort of your own home.

There are so many other things to relax us.  Going for walks, talking to our friends, even a weekly coffee catch up with a friend sitting in a part is great for the soul.  We get to have a conversation with our bestie & some Vitamin D.  2 birds 1 stone.

So the question is How Do You Zone Out?  If you don’t then it is time to start, even if it is 10 minutes a day of doing something that relaxes you.  You are so worth it and your body and mind will thank you for it.