My first visit with Integrative GP

In early January 2014, I had my first appointment with the Integrative GP.  I will refer to them as “IGP”.  I did not know what to expect at this appointment but before I went I had a lot of paperwork to fill out that they sent me a few weeks prior in the mail.  It was basically about my medical history & what I had suffered from in the past & what I was currently suffering from.

On the day of the appointment I felt a bit nervous & of course I was suffering from dizziness which was becoming a strain on my everyday life.  I had already started the progesterone cream that the compounding pharmacist had recommended & the thyroid medication but had not seen tremendous results a month into this.  I took all my recent blood test results & results from the pharmacist as well.

Upon arrival at the IGP, the receptionist got all my paperwork ready & sent me to do a urine test.  They added some powder to it & were looking for something specific.  I got the all clear for that.  Then my moment arrived!  My one on one with the IGP.  My first appointment was for 1 hour.  I must admit I could not remember all my symptoms.  I told the IGP most of the stuff that I was experiencing but then they would question me on a few things based on the information I had sent in prior.  This would then trigger more information & symptoms that I had to relay.  IGP quizzed me a few times on my symptoms, saying you are not telling me everything.  There was so much to say I could not remember everything.

What really blew me away was when IGP was looking at my last blood test, they were pointing out all the deficiencies that I had.  How low my progesterone was when the last GP I saw told me all my hormones were within normal range.  Finally I had confirmation from a doctor of what I had suspected.  IGP told me I was in perimenopause!

The hour was over.  It went by quick, but I felt relieved.  Relieved that I finally found a doctor who took me seriously!  Who believed what I was saying, that finally understood & did not dismiss me.  I finally found the help I needed!  I left with a few prescriptions in hand & with quite a few supplements.  IGP increased my progesterone cream from 0.5% once a day which was what the pharmacist advised to twice daily, since I still had a lot of cream left.   I made another appointment for 8 weeks time.

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