New Year, New Beginnings

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Happy New Year to all! I hope 2017 is a great year for you filled with happiness & health.

This is my first blog for the 2017 & in a few months actually.  I have been quite busy with being a working mum/Entrepeneur & was left with little time to devote to my baby, Perimadness.  As the title suggests it is a new year & with a new year we have new beginnings.  I wanted to start 2017 with a positive note & to talk about how to start it off right.

When we go into a New Year a lot of people do New Years Resolutions.  They make a lot of promises to themselves that they will either quite smoking, drink less, get healthier or exercise more or whatever it maybe.  I personally don’t agree with New Years Resolutions & am not criticizing people who do it, but why wait for a Year to end to make something in your life better.

I think it is better to make a change in that moment of time, instead of waiting for a New Year to come in.  Instead of making a resolution, make a GOAL.  A lot of resolutions are made & then a few days later they are broken.  They are not followed through.  I believe it is because a lot of the time there is no real intention behind the resolution.

A GOAL on the other hand is something that you want to achieve & you put in steps daily to get to the end result.  So for example if your goal is to have a healthier lifestyle for 2017, then you will take daily steps to accomplish that.  It may be as small as having a piece of fruit daily.  Do this for 2 weeks & then it becomes a habit.  After a few weeks you may want to increase your intake of vegetables.  Again you do this daily to stick to your desired servings of vegetables a day & a few weeks later it becomes a habit.

The same for exercise.  Instead of going to the Gym & putting in an unrealistic program to stick to, why not build up slowly on a weekly basis to get to your desired GOAL.  It may be to start off slowly & then building up on your strength training or your cardio routines.  Working with a trainer is another great way to achieve a GOAL.

If going to a Gym is not for you, then you can always get a DVD workout to do at home.  Or incorporate walking into your daily schedule.  You can also download some great free workout apps on your phone & do these a few times a week on top of your daily routine.  Again the aim is small steps daily to get your desired GOAL.

Make small changes every day to get your desired result.  Every day is a new beginning so you have a new chance everyday.  Don’t look at the negative & beat yourself up because you didn’t stick to your plan.  Instead say to yourself I have another chance tomorrow another new beginning & just stick to it.  All you have to do is breath & start again.

Helen Papacostantinou